Sunday, July 6, 2008

Ramona Falls, Oregon

These snaps are of Ramona Falls, Oregon taken in the summer of 2008. Trail of Ramona Falls is of moderate difficulty. Trial is approximately 7.5 miles long and has some spectacular views on its way. There are a few great views of Mount Hood on the way up as well as nice forests. The destination of this trail is Ramona Falls, which is an amazing spectacle within itself. it is so serene and quite and one can easily hear the music of water. Its one of the best waterfall we have seen and the tedious walk was all worth it. Ramona Falls Trail follows the Sandy River and at one point a small bridge is used for crossing the river.


  1. WOW! excellent photography.
    Did you take these photos?

  2. Thanks for stopping by and liking the snaps. Yes these snaps were taken by us during our trip to Ramona this summer