Monday, April 20, 2015

Don’t Let Fear of Unknown Hold You Down Today

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"Failure is blindness to the strategic element in events; success is readiness for instant action when the opportune moment arrives” Newell D. Hillis
Moving to Argentina with family especially without knowing the language (Castellano, a form of Spanish language) and not knowing anybody in particular, certainly carries an element of a fear of the unknown. Working as a consultant for 16 years with various clients and different settings, experience does teach you to be prepared for the unknowns and take challenges of a new environment in your stride as you grow comfortable into it. We tried to mentally prepare ourselves  by reading as much material available in cyber space to understand the culture, life of an expatriate in Argentina but nothing really tells the complete story till you are here in person. Its been just two weeks since we moved to Buenos Aires, capital city of Argentina and we are already in love with the culture and warmth of people here. Not knowing the language is definitely challenging but when you feel the warmness in people while communicating with you and trying to help you, it just makes the verbal language feel not so important. We are sure there would be some challenges as we adapt living in this beautiful country but we are not letting the fear of unknown holding us down to enjoy our every day life. 
There are many opportunities we possibly miss and many roads not taken because we let fear of unknown hold us down. When in doubt, always tell yourself that if anyone can do it, you can do better. Is there a fear holding you down today?  
PS: Pictures shared above are clicked by me in the neighborhood streets of Belgrano in Buenos Aires city. We understand there are not many from India living in the neighborhood, so when you see some images related with India, it does make you feel closer to home. 
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