Thursday, May 14, 2015

Japanese Garden (Jardin Japones) - Buenos Aires

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These snaps are of Japanese Garden (Jardin Japones) in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Very close to the zooJardin Japones is conveniently located and of decent size to spend few hours in its serene atmosphere. It has restaurants inside serving sushi. According to wikipedia, It was built by the Japanese community in 1967 , during the visit to Argentina of then Crown Prince Akihito and his wife Michiko , current emperor of Japan. Admission to the garden is $100 pesos per adult, which is worth it. Front of the garden includes a nursery that has some very pretty orchards and good collection of amazing flowers. Garden itself offers a very picturesque landscape with skyscraper buildings in the backdrop adding to its overall beauty. It is a well maintained place where one can walk among the beautiful gardens and take very nice pictures. Very close proximity to the Jardin Japones are plazas (parks) where there are some incredible statues in display. One of the statues is that of Mahatma Gandhi, India's Father of Nation