Friday, June 26, 2015

Empower Your Team To Own Responsibilities

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Don’t judge each day by the harvest you reap but by the seeds that you plant - Robert Louis Stevenson
We all understand the word delegation but seldom put the art of delegation in play. I wrote an earlier blog post on Trust your team but make sure to verify, jest of which I am extending in this post. We need to learn the art of empowering our team to own responsibilities while creating the safety nets around those responsibilities so that even if they fail, they do not hurt themselves bad. Remember, it is often your best people that make the worst mistakes, because your best people do the most complex work. When we take so much pains to hire the best possible talent with the good intent to keep them in the team for long term, we might as well encourage them to pursue their ideas while giving them the tools they need to succeed.
The key to start empowering your team to own responsibilities is by making the list of tasks, which play to their strengths better and letting them own those tasks. Major constraint of not letting your team own tasks is because of the fear of losing control and facing consequences of the result. It is understandably difficult at times to think about pulling hand out of projects while letting the team own them but the fact is that the more your team feels that they are trusted to do their jobs, the more commitment and interest they will show in their work. Remember that you have hired smart people with right attitude and the best way to find whether you made the right decision or not is to just let them play it. More often the brightest of ideas come from the most unlikely sources and only way of knowing that is by empowering.  
Effective managers know from their experience that they can climb greater heights and achieve their professional goals only by delegating the work to their talented team of people.  By empowering, you are creating the next generation of leadership so always remember the quote "Do not count the number of followers you have but the number of leaders you created" 
Having shared this, there are certain tasks, which at times just cannot be delegated out. Jay Goltz has shared one such funny experience in his blog The one task I can’t seem to delegate and also there is this humorous piece
Mom: "Son, please go to the market and buy 1 bottle of milk. If they have eggs, bring 6”.  Son came back with 6 bottles of milk.   Mom: "Why the hell did you buy 6 bottles of milk?" Son:“Because they had eggs"
What are your thoughts on empowering your team to own responsibilities?  
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