Friday, September 24, 2010

What is PgMP Credential?

This post is for sharing information on Project Management Institute (PMI)’s very own Program Management Professional (PgMP) credential.

PgMP credential is for those who have been working as Program Managers or at higher levels including Program Directors, Portfolio Managers or Operations Managers. It is for those who have experienced overseeing the deliverables of multiple interrelated outputs aligned with a strategic outcome. PgMP credential adds value to the experience of managing multiple projects with interrelated dependencies and whose collective outcome is aligned with the Organizational strategy. For those interested to understand the difference between Program Management and Project Management, the difference is similar to that of being strategic Vs being tactical. Project Management is about delivering of the outputs and Program Management is about delivering of the outcomes. Former is more tactical (How) and later is more strategic (What & Why). Though Program Management can be both tactical as well as strategic at times but Project Management is mostly all tactical.

Earning PgMP credential helps one get international recognition as the professional with the knowledge, skills, tools & technique to apply program management aligning multiple projects to achieve the program goals. Recognition to manage centralized coordinated management of a program to achieve the program’s strategic objective and benefits.

PMI recognizes Program Manager to play more strategic role in an Organization. It is agreed upon that Programs have a higher level of complexity than projects, involve more and higher- level stakeholders, utilize more resources, have more conflict, and require more coordination. Credential helps you understand Program Governance, Benefits Management and Stakeholder Management at a Program level and how they are established and the respective processes measured, managed & maintained.

So PgMP credential, in my opinion, is right for all those who play more strategic role in their respective Organizations. Right for all those who manage a coordinated effort to deliver a strategic outcome and achieve an objective.

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