Thursday, December 11, 2014

The Art of Writing an Email

The Art of Writing an Email was originally posted under Prokarma blog on Sep 3rd 2014

Effective communication is key for an open, transparent and honest environment and more so in a virtual setup. Writing an email that is precise and courteous is one effective way of communicating, so it is very important to understand the art of writing an email.  While writing an email, have empathy towards the recipient(s) and ask yourself whether the email will actually be read, understood, not annoy and not take too much time to read. Always remember the principle of 'Keep it simple stupid' (KISS) while composing the email and stick to facts instead of using too much verbiage to make a point.
Sometime back I received this email while working at a client site.
Dear All,
Mysteriously, a sweater appeared on my chair at some point yesterday morning. If it was a gift, thank you. It's not really my style but I would wear it to any company parties we might have to show my appreciation - but you have to tell me who you are so I know who to thank.
If it wasn't a gift and you left it here inadvertently, I have protected it from the people who have come to ask if they can have it but I don't know how much longer I can fend them off. Best if you come back and retrieve it at your earliest convenience.
This just in: It was found in the bathroom in the hallway on the 9th floor and was believed to be mine. Nope. It is multi-colored with brown, red, blue and green triangles all over it. Made by CRT8CO, 85% acrylic and 15% wool. Made in Taiwan, size small. If you're not sure, I can provide more details.
Is it yours?
Intent of sharing above email is to cite an example of how an email can be used effectively to communicate. This email while stating the intent and the message in clear terms, also includes sense of humor. This makes the email both easy to read and at the same time gives you a reason to smile.   

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