Friday, December 5, 2014

20 Guidelines for a Productive Meeting

20 Guidelines for a Productive Meeting blog post originally appeared on Prokarma Blog

Sometime back Verizon commissioned the Meetings in America study to gain a better understanding of meeting trends and the needs of its customers. Study provides some very good insights on how meetings are perceived and includes interesting stats such as:
  • 91% of professionals admit to daydreaming in meetings, 
  • 95% say they miss either all or part of meetings, 
  • 75% say they bring other work to meetings and 
  • 39% say they have actually dozed off during a meeting
  • 92% on the positive side, value meetings as providing an opportunity to contribute, suggesting that successful meetings may be a contributing factor to employee job satisfaction.

Even though above study seems specific to United States, it applies globally as well. To have a productive meeting, consider the following guidelines.
  1. Define purpose of the meeting 
  2. Consider who needs to be invited
  3. Email goal(s) wise agenda well in advance
  4. Arrive 5 minutes early for the meeting 
  5. Start and end meeting on time
  6. Come prepared for the meeting especially if you are the host 
  7. Take notes or identify someone to take notes 
  8. Set expectations to switch off or keep smartphones on mute during the meeting
  9. Share all relevant data for the meeting ahead of time
  10. Be brief and concise during the course of the meeting 
  11. Encourage participants to share their thoughts without interruption 
  12. Encourage everyone to participate in the meeting
  13. Respect people’s thoughts so if needed, disagree without being disagreeable 
  14. Direct the conversations to encourage participants remain focused on topic(s)
  15. Silence is perceived as an agreement when an opinion is needed
  16. No side conversations or comments should be encouraged 
  17. Challenge ideas rather than people 
  18. Agree on actionable items before wrapping up the meeting
  19. Summarize main points discussed in the meeting and
  20. Follow up with an email including minutes of meeting 

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